Saturday, August 17, 2013

Has it been this long?

OMG- I knew life got away from me but I can't believe my last posting was the arrival of Cooper! Well, I was behind the 8 ball anyway but to see the last family update was his arrival I am stunned! So much to talk about, report on and dish on! I hope to cover all topics but here is where we are now!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's a B O Y!

Welcome to the world Cooper Smith!
Born 7lbs 15 oz, 20.5 inches tall
on January 31, 2012 at 9:41am

Well, let's be honest, his name is not Cooper but I can't reveal his real name. Let's just say it's cute, classic and all American!!!

Hubs and I were so happy and relieved that Cooper arrived safe and sound. When Dr Jen held him up over the curtain I saw a pink face on a perfectly round head. When I say perfectly round head I mean the roundest head I have ever seen. There was no way I was pushing that head out.

Yeah!!! Cooper is here! Our son has arrived. The second coming of Christ is here. I now understand why every woman has a special bond with her son the same was a father/daughter has a special relationship. My son is here and he is the cutest boy I have ever seen, I can say that because I am his mother!!!

Gotta go! I'm on cloud nine however still feeling like a dying dog in the street!

To the hospital we go!

It's funny how I am somewhat in denial about what is about to happen today. I am fully aware that I did not consume any food or beverages because I was going to the hospital to have a BABY but why am I so calm. I was afraid that I was going to be a sobbing mess when it was time to leave Cupcake but no, I was calm. I gave her a big hug and kiss and told her that we were going to the doctor so I could have Cooper. She told me she loved me and bye Mommy! Everyone was so calm. WTF? Where am I?

Hubs and I drove to the hospital and passed what seemed to be 342 coffee shops, pulled up to valet, dropped me off and I headed to the office to check in while Hubs parked the car. Check in was easy since I already pre-registered and off we went to Labor and Delivery although no labor for this lady, just a nice, easy delivery! Hubs and I walked up to the nurses station and said "I'm here to have a baby, whom shall I see". I was brought to my little room for prep and to go over my history. The nurses were beyond friendly, nice, professional and caring. When it was time for me to discuss my last delivery the nurse called a few others in because they were in awe that I signed up for another baby. It wasn't that bad but I guess the one procedure the doctor did is old school and what you read about in text books. I'm sure they were just feeding into my drama and knew I would thrive on this discussion. (For those of you who don't know you can read over my story ).

It was time to head to the operating room! I actually walked right in and hopped onto the stretcher. Where is the drama in this????? I should be happy it was easy and calming. The only problem I had was when it was time for my spinal and Hubs was no where to be found. Are you joking??? Who the hell is going to help me. I asked for Hubs a few times and finally my OBGYN Jen threw her hands up and said "Here, lean on me". Are you joking? She is all of 95 lbs and I am all of 435 lbs (mildly kidding) but didn't care because she makes the big bucks and if she has to harpoon a whale to make her bucks for the day then so be it. It was quick and I snapped her like a twig and was ready to roll. The anesthesiologist was 14 years old and also very friendly. He kept asking if I was feeling okay, Dr Jen was ready to roll and Hubs was the only one missing. Where the hell is he, if he misses this I swear I will hunt him down and give him a DNC. Oh wait, here he is. He showed up so happy and excited, I was feeling great but lost all feeling from the mouth down. I tried sneezing and coughing and felt as if I was stuck in some sort of Saw movie and no one was able to help me because I couldn't do anything. I coughed like Mrs. White from Clue and sneezed like Michael Jackson. All of a sudden a wave of nausea hit and I sat there thinking "this is what Marley must have felt like at the end of the movie before he passed". I felt like a dog dying and kept asking for help. I know that I went through hell in order to deliver my daughter and nothing compares to that HOWEVER the feeling of anesthesia was enough to make me want to shoot myself. I couldn't even focus on the fact that my son was about to come into this world. After what seemed like forever we heard three words that would change our lives forever............

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

January 31, 2012

Well, the day has arrived and I am ready to head to the hospital. I did all my pre-testing, shopping, packing, organizing and set up my mom to stay with Cupcake while we welcomed her brother into the world. I can't believe this day is here!!! I barely slept last night, packed as if I was going away to a resort for 5 days and jumped out of bed at 5am for my scheduled C-Section at 7am. I would give a testicle for a cup of coffee, well if I had one I would give it. My nerves are somewhat shot but I'm shockingly calm. I keep thinking this must not be happening. I feel that as I go through life I'm not really understanding what is happening to me. Regardless, we are heading out the door at 6:15 am for our drive to the hospital and a life changing event. I wonder what he will look like, act like, mesh with Cupcake?!? Wish us luck, this Family of 3 will soon be a Family of 4!


I am sure that everyone knows by now who Tim Tebow is. I'm not a huge football fan however my brother is a HUGE Steelers fan so I typically tend to cheer for them whenever they play. Unfortunately the Steelers did not make it to the Superbowl this year and Cupcake was quick to show Uncle K what the Steelers should have done. She kept running around saying "TEBOW, TEBOW, TEBOW".

Too funny!!!

Another day, another kids museum

Did I mention that I became a HUGE fan of Groupon, Living Social and all the other sites selling discounted items. I fell in love about a year or so ago and became obsessed quickly that this site will offer discounts/deals on anything and everything. You can get a deal of manicures, waxing, oil changes, home improvements, teeth whitening, a shot in the ass, whatever you want. The only problem is that it seems like a great idea at the time but about a week before the deal you purchased expires you find yourself scrambling for ways to use them up!

Soooooo, I purchased a Living Social deal several months ago for a rainy day activity with Cupcake and found myself on the eve of expiration debating if we should use it or forfeit it. Hubs has been extra sensitive about my whereabouts, locations, activities and decided we would join us on this escapade (that and he didn't want me to lose the deal and throw my money away). We headed back to one of our favorite Children's Museums and had a blast. It was so warm outside (odd for January) and raining (that was putting it mildly) but we braved the storm and hit the museum. Cupcake had so much fun visiting her old favorites (you may want to look through old posts) that we just let her do whatever she wanted and visit all of her favorite places. Let's face it, the next time she will be here will be with a little brother. Do what you like Cupcake, it's all about you!!

We FINALLY have a date!

After many discussions, google searches and soul searching we decided that it was best for me to have another C-Section. My due date is February 4th (2 days before my 35th birthday) so we kept playing around with dates for this little ones arrival. I was back and forth with dates, meanings, numerology and had a list of reasons when/when not to have a baby. After a LONG time (are you shocked) we decided that Baby Smith will make his debut on Tuesday, January 31st! We are sooooo excited, nervous, happy and ready to meet our son. I still can't believe we're having a son. His room is done, a name is picked, the countdown is on. I can't wait to meet my baby boy on January 31st!

Side note: I couldn't find a picture of me pregnant because I'm usually the hired help however this is what I found. Look how big bun in the oven is getting!!!